The Double Chain Choker
The Double Chain Choker

The Double Chain Choker

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14KT Gold / Palladium-platinum Bonded Premium Brass

Vivamacity Double Chain Choker ©

13" + 3" extender

Everyone and everything has a crest. A special regalia that represents who they are. Who they belong to. The color red represents love, passion, power. It’s a bold statement. Glass represents delicacy and fragility. Everything always has a meaning. We use these regalia’s to represent who we are, what we stand for, where we belong from. Vivamacity strives to achieve what others cannot. Jewelry of the highest quality for all of you, where wearing it, feels home. Wearing it makes you gain striking confidence and fills you with overwhelming promise and amiability. Wearing our intricately designed logo, makes you part of this joyous community that always focuses on making sure you get the utmost best and everything is in its most beauteous and glorious state.
Our minimalist and chic design is elegant yet eye-catching, making it hard to miss such a wonderfully thought out design on a sophisticated and vogue choker. The premium brass logo hangs from a dainty yet firm hoop that is connected to 2 simplistic chains on each side to be set around your neck. These chains are a length of 13” inches with a 3” inch adjustable extender made of our exquisite silver with palladium and platinum filling or if you heart’s desire, a dauntless gold with 14k gold filling. Make a statement.