Serena Opal Necklace
Serena Opal Necklace

Serena Opal Necklace

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100% Authentic Ethiopian Opal

18KT Gold Vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver

16" + 2" Extender

The Serena Opal Necklace emits the essence of euphoric radiance with its oval wildfire green opal stone surrounded with ethereal gemstones that gleam with an intriguing sparkle and dazzling chain that absolutely allures the beholder making it rest at the top of every woman's wishlist.

The exotic opal inherits healing properties such as enhancing the cosmic consciousness and prompting psychic visionary abilities. It brings forth over inner creativity and originality. The mystical opal calms our anger and helps us realize our self worth and our true talents that lie within. Opal strengthens the core of our memory. Opal was deemed so valuable and rare in antiquity that in Europe, it was a gem prized by royalty. It is said that the opal is so magnificent and sensational that each gemstone holds entire universes in them.

The Serena Opal Necklace is such a tantalizing and extraordinary sight with its clean cut 100% authentic Ethiopian opal being the center gleaming star of this jewelry and the miniature CZ diamonds surrounding it, constantly reflect light against it, creating the most luminous of sights. These wondrous diamonds are set upon claw prongs that fit just right creating a dashing design fit for a queen. More diamonds are set atop the pendant on a pave setting, making the mesmerizing pendant complete. The 14k gold vermeil chain is a 0.8 mm box chain that measures up to a fascinating 16"+2” extender and will lay delicately upon your neck, showing its true noble stature.