Sapphire Double Chain Choker
Sapphire Double Chain Choker

Sapphire Double Chain Choker

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14KT Gold / Palladium-platinum Bonded Premium Brass

Vivamacity Double Chain Choker ©

13" + 3" extender

It’s a peaceful night. You, a female warlock, lay asleep in your bed when suddenly you’re woken by shrieks of terror and a deafening roar that jolts you up in a panic as well. A dragon has attacked the village. While everyone evacuates as it thrashes the village, you rush to your books and flip through pages about dragon until you see it. The Sapphire’s Stone, known to control dragons of all kind. You know that if you don’t act quickly, this dragon could get slayed by the Royal knights. You grab your supplies and make a run for the enchanted forest, perhaps more dangerous than the dragon itself. After moments of struggling, following ancient maps, you arrive at your destination; The Valley of Pure Roses. A field filled with white roses, known to have The Sapphire Stone hidden in one of them, inside its petals. It isn’t hard to point out the dark, mysterious blue rose that stands out from the rest of the Pure Roses and sure enough you find the magical stone in the very center. With no time to waste, you rush back to the village and cast a chain around the stone to wear it around your neck. Just as the knights approach, you order the dragon to leave and it does without hesitation. The knights and villagers are beyond impressed by your bravery and knowledge, thus awarding you the title of The Dragon Whisperer all with the help of that magnificent stone.
Our Sapphire Double Chain Choker is meant to cast a mysterious yet insightful vibe. Its premium brass chains measure up to 13” inches with a 3” inch adjustable extender made of scintillating silver with palladium and platinum filling or a vibrant gold with 14k gold filling.