Royal Dangle Earrings

Royal Dangle Earrings

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14KT Gold Bonded Premium Brass

5A CZ Diamonds

The mesmerizing Royal Dangle Earrings are an enchanting and magical pair with glimmering diamonds decorated on the golden chains that will hang with grace from your earlobes, giving off a poised and elegant aura that is pure and enthralling. Wearing it might make one feel as if they've just adorned a crown as the power that comes from wearing these earrings is indeed eloquent and dramatic as well.

These divine and mystical earrings sparkle from every angle and glints in the eye as the brightest star in the galaxy. Such a star that can only be seen but never be touched, only be admired but never be possessed and can only be dreamed about but never be turned into a reality. We have managed to capture those ethereal constellations from the sky into these exquisite dangle earrings.

The Royal Dangle Earrings give off that glassy and sparkling look that will never have a dull moment while you're wearing them. The incredible 14k gold bonded chain proceed from having three round rings followed a triangle shaped ring, with 4 more round rings after that. All these delicately built, miniature rings are filled with 5A CZ stones that glisten and gleam due to the finest cuts embellished upon them. The starting of these luxurious earrings have a pin that is to be inserted into a butterfly clutch so perfectly made that it is light weight yet assures us that it will be held secure until unfastened so.