Rona Earrings
Rona Earrings

Rona Earrings

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14KT Gold Vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver

5A CZ Diamonds

Inner hoop diameter: 10mm

These Rona Earrings embody a simplistic and delicate persona, set with charming Aquamarine stones that drip with the essence of its healing possessions such as; helping you clear your mind, relieving stress and bringing you internal peace and relaxation.

Used by Roman fisherman in ancient times, it was known as the "Water of the Sea" and was admired by the Royal Greeks and Sumerians for it was believed to be a hidden treasure of the mythical mermaids. That bona fide treasure will now lay scintillating on your ears, creating the perfect impression of a jewelry that will leave you looking poised while expressing a calm luminosity.

This aesthetically elegant pair, with a pure 925 solid sterling silver as a tag shaped metal base along with 14k gold vermeil hoops gleaming splendidly on top of it, delicately handled and paired together for the perfect soothing combination, will elevate your inner chakra and unfold the grace and beauty hidden behind your worries.

The delicate work detail on the sterling silver tag hanging from these hoops is impeccable. With a sophisticated octagram star surrounding the tranquil Aquamarine stone, this miniature design still proves to be an eye candy. The hoops are attached to a perfectly sleek, golden clasp closure that is easy to unhitch yet stays firm and steady when fastened. Altogether this fascinating pair successfully captivates and mollifies its emptor.