Princess Threaders
Princess Threaders

Princess Threaders

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To be a princess is to look graceful and elegant at all times but who says you can’t be one? Being a princess also has to do with how you look and what jewels you decorate yourself with. With the right confidence and pieces, you can look as delicate and charming as The Sleeping Beauty. Our Princess Threaders are made of a magnificently smooth, 0.8mm, thin box chain which is 5” inch in its length and has 3 delicate and dainty white diamonds placed upon on one end. These box chain threaders will make you feel like an absolute princess! The beautiful diamonds make these threaders a statement piece that won’t fail to make you seem not only royalty but also on the top of your fashion game. Wear these Princess Threaders with the right mindset and who knows, maybe you’ll even attract your true love charming with your jaw-dropping beauty and style.

  • 14KT Gold Vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver
  • 0.8mmBox Chain
  • 5" inch length
  • 5A CZ Diamonds