Princess Diaries Choker
Princess Diaries Choker

Princess Diaries Choker

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13" + 3" extender

14KT Gold Vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver

5A CZ Diamonds

Once upon a time, a princess, fascinated by gemstones that glittered and reflected all around the palace, used to keep a journal where she wrote down about every single jewel she saw or learned about. She knew of all the sapphires and rubies that existed in her kingdom. One day she decides to create a necklace from her favorite jewel; the diamond. Working day and night, placing each jewel perfectly around a necklace and creating a choker that sparkled and glistened with ethereal grace and called it the Princess Diaries Choker.

The Princess Diaries Choker is filled with dainty and flowy diamonds. It's the choker every girl dreams of! Guaranteed to make you feel like a princess while wearing this perfect piece letting you fill your magical fantasies about living as royalty in a far away land hidden from sight.

It is available with either a sheen majestic 14K Gold Vermeil or an exquisite lovely 925 Sterling Silver and Platinum with 5A CZ Diamonds all around. The diamonds rest upon a thin link chain and extends to miniature dangling chains that are further attached to more 5A CZ diamonds. This magnificent necklace measures 13'' in + 3'' in extender. Just as the princess has made the necklace herself, this precise and delicate piece is handmade as well.