Mika Necklace
Mika Necklace

Mika Necklace

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  • 14KT Gold Vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver
  • 10MM Stone Size
  • 16" + 2" Extender
  • Twist Chain Necklace

Little Mika was only 10 when she first put on her ballet shoes. Immersed in the art of storytelling through dance, Mika was an exceptional ballerina. She danced with such grace and beauty that one could delightfully watch her for hours if need be. Her legs moved swiftly with agility, her body always in a pristine stance, people would often contemplate whether or not she was even human.

Word of Mika spread throughout the land and nobles would sneak about in disguise to watch the immaculate maiden move about faultlessly. Soon the rumors of the pristine ballerina reached royalty and she was invited to the palace on request of the royal family to see whether the sayings about Mika were true or not. Once she started dancing, as usual, Mika had everyone in a trance. The little prince swore he saw an angel dance instead. The minister might’ve seen her float for a second or two. So joyous and pleased with her routine, His Majesty and Her Highness, gifted the young lass a heart with an arrow through it, that was made entirely out of the finest diamond stone. They called it 'The Heart of The Kingdom' and now Mika owned it. Rightfully so in fact, as she had indeed enchanted everyone with her grace and talent.

We replicated the diamond heart gifted to Mika and embodied it with the enchantment and wonder she executed her dance in. This Diamond Heart Necklace, turns heads when wearing this dazzling piece! Top quality heart shaped 5A CZ diamond stone struck with cupid's arrow, with a small diamond on arrowhead. Suspended on a gorgeous, thin twisted chain that’s either made of 14k gold vermeil or of pure 925 silver, with the length of 16" + 2" extender. Wear this necklace and feel as flawless and agile as the dance of Mika.