Lani Necklace
Lani Necklace

Lani Necklace

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  • 16" + 2" extender
  • 14KT Gold Vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver
  • 5A CZ Diamonds
  • Wildfire White Opal
  • Stone size: 6mm

A necklace that transcends beyond all that is of glorious beauty, which shines as if the moon’s essence itself is locked inside its setting stone. So mystical. So captivating. A bejeweled necklace like that is truly a rare find. Yet we have thoughtfully crafted exactly that. Donning the creative name of The Lani Necklace, this necklace will exceed all expectations of what one considers aesthetic and sensuous. The gorgeous, wildfire opal heart-shaped pendant surrounded by cz diamonds will truly take your breath away each time you so glance at it. So magnificent that it shines and catches the eye of everyone in the room. The perfect treat to gift yourself, or the special someone in your life.
With a spectacular 16" + 2" extender exclusively unique Vivamacity chain, the 6mm opal set in place is surrounded by the decoration of excellent CZ diamonds that reflect light upon the stone, creating a sight worth a billion light years. This unique chain will still have the option of choosing between 14k gold vermeil and the 925 sterling silver. This delicately handmade necklace offers another set of options; between the vivacious wildfire blue opal and the pure mesmerizing white opal. Wearing this beauty will leave you looking no short than a princess.