Heroine Earrings
Heroine Earrings

Heroine Earrings

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14KT Gold / Platinum Bonded Premium Brass

5A CZ Diamonds

Stone size: 8mm

A hero. We’ve heard a lot about them from our favorite tales and fables but do we know what makes a hero? What can make anyone a hero? A selfless and brave heart. A heart that can’t shatter even under a thousand swords. A heart can radiates and showers fierce kindness on anyone around it. Very rarely do we see someone who is favored by the universe. They don the title of a hero and believe it or not but you can too. A heroine who not only is praised by everyone for her actions but for her sense of style and charisma as well. Wearing our magical looking heroine earrings will help you own up to your true destiny of a champion.

The intricate details carved on the luxurious purple jewel, which each pair of earring has in this center, reflects in every angle the light hits it, creating a glamorous spectacle that leaves every eye turning to it in awe. Surrounding the magnificent jewel are 8 white, diamond-like gems. The entire center piece hangs down from another gem, in similar appearance to the white crystals and everything is joined linked together with 14k gold or platinum filled premium brass, this option being entirely up to you. Overall these earrings will help you live out your heroine fantasies and keep you gleaming in fashion.