Her Serenity Bracelet
Her Serenity Bracelet

Her Serenity Bracelet

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  • 6.75" in
  • 14KT Gold / Platinum Bonded Premium Brass
  • 5A CZ Diamonds

Every morning, when the dew hits the violets and daisies, a new chapter begins for everyone. It could be lonely, it could be exciting. It could be the start of a very pivotal point in your life or it could be the start of just a normal day. Either ways, a start means a fresh beginning. It means you have a shot at life for another day. It means you get to enjoy the violets growing in your garden for one more day. Every day is a gift in its own way and every point in your life is beautiful no matter how it goes.
Our gift is being able to provide you the absolute best for when it comes to jewelry. Creating new ways to hide secrets and stories within our necklaces and rings that speak out to your souls is our way of providing with more than just an amazing jewelry piece. Her Serenity Bracelet is a calm and deep purple crystal set bracelet that will feel like a gift every day you wear it. With the 14k gold or platinum filled premium brass serving as durable and strong materials for the 6.75” chain itself, this bracelet is what queens and empresses define their worth with, which is exactly why it is perfect for you.