Her Royalty Bracelet
Her Royalty Bracelet

Her Royalty Bracelet

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  • 6.75" in
  • 14KT Gold / Platinum Bonded Premium Brass
  • 5A CZ Diamonds

Queen Elizabeth of the Faye Valley was a well-respected queen, known for her aid in various crises faced by her village. She was a daily visitor of the village and had a library with books in every corner, each spell and knowledge drilled in her consciousness. It just so happened that the village in this valley faced a dreadful drought. The crops did not grow and the lakes dried up. The townsfolk started starving and eventually grew sick with disease as well. Queen Elizabeth searched every book, every scroll she had to find a cure for her people but nothing seemed to help. When all seemed to be in vain, Queen Elizabeth decided to carve her own remedy.
After channeling all the positive and light magic she had inside of her, Elizabeth, created an encasing out of pure diamond and added a single drop of her magical blood in that encasement. She went to the tallest mountain in the village and buried it at the bottom of the mountain, doing so spread her magic in every root, soil and lake the village had and soon enough the village flourished with crops and greens again. Queen Elizabeth sacrificed the use of magic ever again to save her village, her home. And doing so brought her great pride and joy. Her Royalty Bracelet showcases a brilliant ruby red stone in the middle of a 6.75” chain that is made out of 14k gold or platinum rhodium filled premium brass. The red is filled with passion and pride as was that of the honorable Queen Elizabeth’s because deep down her lady is a royalty at heart.