Her Elegancy Bracelet
Her Elegancy Bracelet

Her Elegancy Bracelet

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  • 6.75" in
  • 14KT Gold / Platinum Bonded Premium Brass
  • 5A CZ Diamonds

Bracelets are all the rage. Be it something simple or something bold, these statements are never out of trend. The Her Elegancy Bracelet combines these two very different styles into something completely different so that you may have something that’s fancy and detailed but the delicacy and beauty comes from its simplicity. Her Elegancy Bracelet has a mesmerizing and magical like green stone as its center piece with tiny crystals surrounding the stone. The thoughtful detailing that we have put into this bracelet is well noted by how timeless and precious the bracelet is. It is truly a priceless piece of jewelry.
With marvelous and an intriguing yet simple design, the ‘Her Elegancy Bracelet’ offers you many looks that can be put together with this. It can be outstanding even when worn alone and compliment anything wonderfully no matter what you pair it with. The pop of green in between just makes things all the more interesting. The sophisticated chain comes in length of 6.75'' and you may decide if you prefer the chain in a fiery14k gold or a cool platinum filled premium brass. Either way you will notice that our material is no less than perfect for you.