Her Divinity Bracelet
Her Divinity Bracelet

Her Divinity Bracelet

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  • 6.75" in
  • 14KT Gold / Platinum Bonded Premium Brass
  • 5A CZ Diamonds

Bracelets have been in style since as long as fashion has been recorded. There has been all types of bracelets from simplified to extravagant ones but has there ever been a perfect middle ground? Has there been such a bracelet that was elegant and came off as graceful yet had something eye catching and fierce about it? Hard to say there has ever been such a piece until now. After much consideration and detailed designing we have crafted the divine, Her Divinity Bracelet. Its soft glowing center piece paired with the dazzling chain and served as a bracelet is one for the history books.
The yellow glimmering stone that serves as a center piece is a pool of honey colored reflections that can be a fantastic pair with other necklaces or bracelet and can even be a crowd favorite as a standalone jewelry. That’s the beauty of this 6.5” sized chained bracelet is that can be worn on any occasion you like, be it a formal evening dinner or a laid back cozy beach party. It serves is purpose as a scintillating glimmer of beauty for as long as you wear it. Last but not the least, our material is as always nothing but the best, with the chains being made of either 14k gold or platinum filled premium brass.