Emerald Necklace
Emerald Necklace

Emerald Necklace

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16" + 2" Extender

14KT Gold Vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver

5A CZ Diamonds

The year is 3056 and you're a talented gardening fairy, working away, planting spell binding flowers in a meadow right at the outskirts of the city. Your eyes occasionally drift upon an amethyst or topaz and you tuck it away in the basket that you've brought along that's filled with other gems you've collected so far. While crouching down to inspect a newly found gem, something glints an incredible sparkle from the corner of your eye. Its quick to catch your attention and your curious mind makes you hurry over to the illuminating source.

You're immediately astonished and overwhelmed by what catches your eye. A glowing deep green gem, so clean cut and so full of richness, just looking at it fills you with emotions that you've never felt before and your fingers keep tracing the magnificently diagonal yet straight cuts that have decorated the edges of the gemstone. What you see now is the long lost emerald. For years people have been trying to find an emerald and it has become such a rarity to the eyes that would be something you'd see in museums.

This emerald was placed upon a pure 925 solid sterling silver base and 16k gold vermeil encasing and 0.8mm box chain so splendid that it would never be tarnished when worn. This is the necklace that captured its true essence of unity and eternal bliss. Stimulating the heart chakra and bringing forth loyalty as the strongest attribute, the emerald stone rests upon the necklace described for you to adorn yourself with before it gets lost in time again.

Stone size: 6x4mm