Opal Double Chain Choker
Opal Double Chain Choker

Opal Double Chain Choker

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14KT Gold / Palladium-platinum Bonded Premium Brass

Vivamacity Double Chain Choker ©

13" + 3" extender

Close your eyes and let yourself dream for a minute. You have been adorned in the most enthralling gown, your hair adorned with the most infatuating jewels and your face glowing as if the Gods themselves have decorated you. There seems to be something missing though; a necklace. A piece of jewelry to make you fulfilled and complete. You seem to be in an abandoned forest and in front of you is a willow tree, the long cascading branches, reaching the floor. You see a glow, a ray of a vibrant rainbow peeping through the leaves. Curious, you push past the curtain like leaves and find yourself beneath the tree, the most surreal and magical looking opalite changed around the trunk of the tree. Completely captivated and mesmerized by the stone you step forward and place a hand upon it. In a blinding flash, the jewel is gone and there’s a light weight on your neck. The opal had been transformed into a miraculous choker, having found its rightful owner; you.
That is exactly what our charming Opal Double Chain Choker gives you. A unique identity. A jewel meant to own by Royalty. The iridescent baby blue is the embodiment of a droplet of a moon that had been said to have fallen on a willow tree ages ago. The delicate and sleek choker is made of our most premium brass with the 13” inch + 3” chain being silver with palladium and platinum filling or gold with 14k gold filling to suit your finest taste, the two chains extending from the thin hoop from which the stone also dangles majestically.