Circlet Bracelet
Circlet Bracelet

Circlet Bracelet

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  • 14KT Gold / Platinum Bonded Premium Brass
  • 6" + 1" extender
  • Bead size: 4mm
  • Box Chain Bracelet

A statement piece that should be in everyone's jewelry box. A spectacular golden beaded bracelet that will make the wrist look dainty elegant, guaranteed to have you staring at it from time to time again.

These 4mm sized beads with a premium brass bonding of 14KT Gold range along the measurements of a 6"+1" extender. A captivating box chain under the beads will leave the wearer in an entrance as the sleek gold will reflect the lights off of it and create the illusion of a constellation resting on your wrist. The authentic beautiful orbit beads look as if they've been dipped in the finest of golden gloss, swirling like miniature pools of honey on each bead. The easy to use, classy clutch, is also a gleaming golden shade. This bracelet can be worn for regular chic looks and even for the most important of events as it will shine through the rest no matter what.