Amethyst Double Chain Choker
Amethyst Double Chain Choker

Amethyst Double Chain Choker

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  • 100% Authentic Amethyst Crystal
  • 14KT Gold Bonded / Palladium-platinum Bonded Premium Brass
  • Vivamacity Double Chain Choker ©
  • 13" + 3" extender

There is a tale that goes, in a land faraway no one knows, a little village girl fell in love with her dearest childhood friend, the shepherd of the village, a young boy who felt the same for her. When they were both coming of age, the boy decided to propose to the love of his life. To his dismay, when he arrived at her cottage, he found her fast asleep in her bed, which was quiet an unusual thing for her. He tried waking her up, but found he could not. He ran all around the village, begging people to help, asking healers to tell him there was a way out of her deep slumber, but sadly, no one helped. The boy came to know that she was in a magically intoxicated sleep and the only way to wake her up would be from a jewel forged from the dragon’s fire. Dragons were known to be up north, meaning he’d have to travel across half the country for her. The boy determined to do anything for her, set out for his quest and surely enough, after months of trotting on foot, he made it. The dragon, impressed by the courage and determination of an ordinary boy, forged a necklace for his lover, from the fire of his breath.
The boy eagerly returned home, astonishing everyone who thought he was never going to come back. He placed the necklace around the sleeping girl’s neck and she finally woke up. They ended up marrying that exact afternoon. The Amethyst Double Chain Choker is a vibrant purple 100% authentic stone that clashes beautifully with the chained choker, made of exquisite premium brass. The pure amethyst that dangles from the hoop of the choker will glisten majestically under any light, maybe even flickering a tint of that dragon’s fire in you along the way. The chains are sized 13” inches with a 3” inch adjustable extender, coming in perfect silver with palladium and platinum bonding or gold with 14k gold bonding.