Amethyst Crystal Threaders
Amethyst Crystal Threaders

Amethyst Crystal Threaders

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  • 100% Authentic Amethyst Stone
  • 14KT Gold Vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver
  • 6" inch drop
  • .8MM Box Chain
  • Stone Size: 6x3MM

Our Amethyst Crystal Threaders showcase magical enchantment in its beauty and exquisiteness. Amethyst, a stone known for aiding the struggle of insomnia, not only does Amethyst amazes with its ability to bring plentiful rest and power, it is widely appreciated for how charming and mystical it always manages to appear. This calming crystal allows you to quiet your mind, which can aid in sleep, meditation, and generally moving through life from a higher state of being. Wearing these remarkable earrings will bring you peace and prosperity and will allow you to make the right decisions in life.
Inspired by the famous fantasy action video game, Legend of Zelda, the resplendent amethyst crystal on these earrings is shaped to resemble Rupees, the main unit of currency in the iconic world of Zelda.