Alexa Necklace
Alexa Necklace

Alexa Necklace

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  • 100% Authentic Ethiopian Opal
  • 16” + 2” extender on a delicate, twisted chain necklace
  • 18KT Gold Vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver
  • Stone size: 6mm
Alexa was a bubbly and energetic girl that lived in the countryside. Every day she would skip down to the library, where the librarian would read books to her about portals and alternate universes about things, even her wildest imagination couldn’t conjure up. Alexa set out to create these portals but it had never been done before. It was nothing but a mere story and though everyone discouraged her, she persisted. Through years of magic study and after many trial and error, Alexa finally did it. She created a magical portal that lead to wherever her heart desired and started travelling different lands and universes, learning whatever it was each world had to offer her, and soon enough, Alexa became a powerful and inspiring legend herself.
May you also create the portals of your fantasies and dreams, regardless of what the world tells you. Follow you heart and grant yourself the gift of happiness by doing what makes you feel alive. We created the Alexa Necklace, a replica of Alexa’s magical portal, so that you too may have your every own personal special portal that will assure you, you can go anywhere you want in your life as long as you keep trying. The twist effect is designed upon an 100% authentic Ethiopian Opal, faceted at 6mm, making the size of the stone a 6mm, hanging from a 16” twist effect chain + 2” extender chain. The chain itself comes in two options, the 925 solid sterling silver or the 14k gold vermeil, so that you may choose according to your taste.